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Bette ‘Sis’ O’Valley

“Let’s hit it hon! After all, that’s why we’s here for, for some good jazzing tonight!”

Bette ‘Sis’ O’Valley is a musical theatre performance for adults: a darkly humorous tale of a jazz legend from the Deep South. The ageing singer’s experiences blend in with the smoky bar atmosphere, accompanied by live music. Satu Paavola plays the evening’s title role, the life-sized puppet and her assistant.

For adults
Recommendation: 13 years and over
Running time at full length: 50 min. Also available as a shorter version, running time ca 20 min.
Performance is in English.

Performer: Satu Paavola
Musician: Bojan Baric
Director: Titta Halinen
Script and puppet: Satu Paavola

Contact: Satu Paavola, satu.paavola[at], tel. +358 45 608 5772